Test predictions, not ideas

I'm on a mission to apply data science to conversion optimization.
Let's spend more time predicting, less time guessing.

What is Bernie Sanders a/b testing?

February 7, 2016

I thought this was going to be an in-depth analysis of what all the presidential candidates were testing on their websites (images, headlines, etc), but it turns out only Bernie Sanders is taking this whole "website conversion rate" thing seriously.
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Is my a/b testing tool slowing down my site?

February 5, 2016

No. It’s not. Your variation code is. But just in case you’re not convinced, I’ve written a simple little script to help you find out if your tool is in fact "hurting your conversion rates."
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A few recent projects...

Built a site for my mother, at New York Wedding Violinist and for my father, to sell both ikat and suzani pillows.