Let's put your data to work

and accelerate your conversion optimization workflow.

The data science difference

Yes, we all have a pet optimization framework and it probably does a good job of increasing conversions. No one is questioning that. But even the best framework-based optimization program suffers from a lack of predictability and time wasted "testing things."

Hypotheses are too often based on past experiments or the latest in neuromarketing. While these are valid approaches, they fail to match the predictability that data science can bring to conversion optimization. Applying data science to CRO reveals an otherwise hidden global maxima.

It's time to put data to work.

Typical conversion rate optimization will often outpace the performance of data science-driven CRO, since "low-hanging fruit" improvements can quickly be addressed via A/B testing. In the long-term, however, the predictive analytics resulting from data science discovery will reveal powerful A/B testing and personalization opportunities.

Are we a good fit?

Data science and conversion optimization are not suitable for every website. Below are qualification criteria for working with me:

If you answered "yes" to two or more of the points above, let's talk.